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Adult Day Care Helps Seniors and Their Families

Source: Comfort Keepers
Adult day care centers offer a dual solution. They help family caregivers who need a respite from caregiving responsibilities as they provide seniors health-promoting opportunities to socialize with other seniors. Continue Reading Here.

Adult Day Care Services

Source: HelpGuide
Adult day care offers a stimulating social environment while giving caregivers a break. Start exploring your options and find the best center for your needs. Continue Reading Here.


Adult day service: What you need to know

Source: Mayo Clinic
If you’re a caregiver, you might be curious about adult day services — programs that provide care and companionship for older adults who need assistance or supervision during the day. Here’s some information to help you understand this resource for caregivers and how an adult day service might benefit you and your loved one. Continue Reading.

How Adult Day Care Benefits Both Seniors and Caregivers

Source: Philips Lifeline
Seniors who prefer to live at home overlook one big possible downside — the potential for a lack of meaningful social interaction. That’s why adult day care is growing in popularity. According to a MetLife National Study of Adult Day Centers, in 2010 more than 4,600 centers in the United States provided services for more than 260,000 recipients and caregivers each day, with 80 percent of participants attending full days and 46 percent attending five days a week. Continue Reading Here.

Who Uses Adult Day Care?

Adult day services give an alternative and supplement home care. The services offered allow another option to those who need extra help during the day. So, for people looking to move to an assisted living facility or a nursing home to receive that extra care, a viable option is an adult daycare. Continue Reading Here.

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