How Respite Care Can Help Your Family

Making the adjustment to caregiver for an elderly loved one can be a difficult transition for the entire family. It requires a tremendous dedication of resources, specifically time, and can interfere with the ability to work or otherwise participate in your life. However, many caregivers make it work because they want to keep an elderly family member at home for as long as possible. Fortunately, respite care programs can really help seniors and their families, by providing necessary daily living help to seniors during the daytime, in a drop-in environment. Sunshine Adult Day Health Care Center in Bergenfield offers daytime respite care senior services to people in Bergen County, New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

What is respite care?

At Sunshine Adult Day Care Health Care Center, the answer to that question really depends on an individual’s needs. Every single one of our users is assessed by a multi-disciplinary team, which is headed by a registered nurse and a primary care physician. The purpose of this assessment is to determine an individual’s functioning level and the type of services that he or she needs. Users are then periodically reevaluated to ensure that we are providing all of the assistance that they need. Depending on user needs, we can provide help with daily living challenges, such as dressing and bathing, dietary management, chronic illness management, rehabilitative and therapeutic activities, social services, medical services, and some transportation services.

Specific Services To Dementia Patients

We also offer specific services for users that are experiencing dementia. As dementia progresses, it interferes with the ability to provide self-care, and we can help fill those gaps for our users. We also have a dementia program that focuses on slowing the loss of cognitive functioning, improving memory, and even incorporates techniques that may improve cognitive functioning.

To find out if Sunshine is the right choice for senior care for you and your family, call today to talk to a patient care coordinator.

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