How to Find the Best Alzheimer’s Care Center

Every year, many elderly people receive the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, and for most of their family members, this is a difficult diagnosis to get. Alzheimer’s requires specialized care and many times, patients with this illness need to be placed in a facility that specializes in this type of care. Finding excellent Alzheimer’s care in Bergen County, NJ, however, does not have to be difficult because the area has numerous facilities that can help patients of all ages with this affliction. Regardless of which stage they are in, patients with Alzheimer’s need to be properly diagnosed, properly treated, and cared for in a specialized manner.

Starting with the Basics

Because Alzheimer’s can mimic other illnesses, the first step in treating the illness is a proper diagnosis. Only a physician can accurately diagnose a person with Alzheimer’s, so taking an individual to a doctor should be your first step. Afterwards, you can discuss with the doctor the best ways to treat the illness, which varies with each patient. Alzheimer’s affects more than five million individuals, most of them over the age of 65, so there are numerous agreed-upon treatment methods that work for most patients. At Sunshine Adult Day Health Care Center, we have experienced and knowledgeable physicians and staff members who work together and treat the whole patient, so that all of the patient’s needs can be met and some improvement will occur. We use specialized techniques in all of our Alzheimer’s care services, including steps that can improve the patient’s cognitive ability and improve memory.

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that directly affects brain cells, causes them to fall into disuse, and eventually causes them to die. The risk factors for Alzheimer’s include advanced age, family history, and African-American or Latino heritage. Alzheimer’s occurs in stages, with each stage showing different symptoms, so discussing each stage with your physician is important. In fact, if you have a family member with Alzheimer’s, regular contact with his or her physician is a must.

Care for the Alzheimer’s Patient

Alzheimer’s care usually includes a variety of prescription drugs, but at Sunshine Adult Care Center, we also employ numerous techniques that improve the overall functioning of the Alzheimer’s patient. Our personnel specialize in Alzheimer’s and other diseases of the brain and we also concentrate on techniques to help slow down the process of deterioration such as encouraging the patient to exercise regularly, get enough sleep, participate in social activities, concentrate on a low-fat diet, and perform memory-enhancing games such as crossword puzzles and bridge. Again, working with the whole patient is important, because even though Alzheimer’s cannot be cured, the condition can often be stalled somewhat when Alzheimer’s care concentrates on a variety of treatments that can each improve one function that has previously been reduced by the illness.

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