Symptoms That May Require Alzheimer’s Care

Be vigilant about the symptoms that may require Alzheimer’s care, so that you can prevent any problem from getting worse. When you or your loved ones show some of the following signs of cognitive impairment, it is best to call your doctor immediately for an evaluation. If you live in Bergen County, New Jersey, you have access to a number of specialists who look after people with Alzheimer’s, who can provide you with advice and direct you to adult day care services.

  1. Memory loss. The most commonly known symptom of Alzheimer’s is the one you might recognize at first. You will know that the memory loss is something that may require Alzheimer’s care especially when the individual has lost the ability to remember something that just happened, or recognize ordinary objects in the house, or people they know.
  2. Confusion. It is not just memory loss but other types of cognitive decline that are symptoms that may require Alzheimer’s care. Being disorientated, having difficulty concentrating, being deluded about something, and the inability to complete puzzles or games that were once enjoyable are symptoms that may require Alzheimer’s care.
  3. Wandering and/or getting lost. Many seniors with Alzheimer’s forget where they were going and end up lost. This can happen in the safety of their homes, but it can also happen on the street where their lives may be in danger. Therefore, if you know someone who is wandering and getting lost with increased frequency and no explanation, talk to a doctor.
  4. Mood changes. Changes to the person’s demeanor may be a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Anger, depression, paranoia, irritability are a few examples, but it depends on the person’s personality and disposition.
  5. Changes in appetite. Although loss of appetite and restlessness accompanied by weight loss can be a sign of a number of conditions, in conjunction with cognitive symptoms it can be a sign of Alzheimer’s.

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