Things You Need to Know About Alzheimer’s Memory Care

Seniors with memory deterioration due to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other conditions like Parkinson’s disease frequently require specialized care. Because dementia is often a progressive condition, Alzheimer’s memory care offers the opportunity for long term and personalized interventions that can help minimize the problems associated with memory loss and ensure that the person is safe, secure, and comfortable. There are a lot of different memory care options in Bergen County, New Jersey, so it helps to know a few things about memory care in general before you select the right care options for you and your loved one.

Environmental Configuration

1. Memory care often means specialized living facilities with environmental configurations that minimize discomfort, distraction, and danger. The person’s environment has a large bearing on their level of personal safety and security. A senior with memory loss wants to be surrounded by personal items and imagery that reminds them of their happy life. They may also want soothing music and colors in their surroundings. Also, elders also need an environment that is easy for them to navigate physically and cognitively regardless of their memory loss. When at a memory care facility you can be sure that your elder will be as comfortable as possible.

24/7 supervision & access to Healthcare Services

2. Memory care means supervision and access to healthcare services at all times. One of the best things about memory care is that there is always someone around—professionals who are specially trained in memory care. Physicians and nurses are also available to help your loved one maximize health and wellbeing while in memory care.

Specialized Programs and Activities

3. Memory care means specialized programs and activities. Some memory care activities might even be fun for your loved one, such as games that stimulate their brain and mind.

Latest Research & Technology

4. Specialized memory care is based on the latest research and emerging studies in science.

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